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*AuthorTopic: India gang-rape victim's body cremated  (Read 832 times)

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India gang-rape victim's body cremated
« on: December 30, 2012, 01:10:11 PM »
India gang-rape victim's body cremated

Victim's family holds private ceremony in New Delhi amid an outpouring of anger and grief by millions across the county.


Comment aeongoddess on abdul's comment:

 Your "solutions" target women as the problem, quite normal in orthodox muslim, hindu, christian and jewish world, in those religions women and girls are considerd to have lower status then men.
Women should not have to wear a veil or burqa of all men would wear blindfolds, so the problem are men not women. In western world there are less rapes, why? Because most people(men) are educated there and follow common sense instead of their lust only. Displaying women as sex objects nor alcohol are the problems for those men. And solution 4 seems to me only adressing the need for men, a girl of 9 or 12 is a child and should not be married to a men of twice,four times her age, they call that *******!?
Proper Education is the answer, not just religious thats mostly the cause, but plain common sense, follow the golden rule, every girl is someones daughter, every woman is someones child/mother.
Would you attack your own daughter, mother?
And yes strict punishment for attackers and rapist and the only wau to prevent is to name and shame them worldwide: harrasmap.org.
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