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*AuthorTopic: Zbigniew Brzezinski: USA, Die einzige Weltmacht, neues vollständiges PDF  (Read 1715 times)

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USA has 900 bases in 153 countries of 193 UN countries, shouldn't we call that a OCCUPATION force?

PDF http://workupload.com/file/xiiBbOVQ

voor books go one step back in forum (United Nations) and you can order all from all AMAZONs

wahabisme (Saudi Arabia-SA) need to be on int. terrorism list, and all countries supporting them need to get sanctions, and west leaders need to be less hypocritic, only ones now fighting IS are the Kurds. USA still supports and sells weapons to SA, Turkey still supports IS, and while shooting down Russian SU-24 they deliberate negclected sea-border with Europe and caused with Libyia a refugeeflood, which by Russia involvment in Syria, and Merkels open invitation on order USA, turned into a refugeetsunami, a immigrationweapon on Europe, instead of complaining Merkel fell for Erdogans blackmail and offered billions and concessions.

Looking at it from 1945 , the big 3 of UNSC with vetorights USA, Russia, China are not busy with security and bringing PEACE to the world, but brining it to PIECES for their own gain.
All vetorights should be removed so all 193 countries can together bring the world to PEACE, all it needs is a 2/3 majority in a article 377 in UNGA to remove all vetorights incl. those of France and UK.

Then without anyones geopolitical game, every conflict can be ended by under UN umbrella creating nofly-zones, blocking conflictzone/country from weapons, fighters and money, (sanctions for those countries who refuse) getting in peacegetters, peacekeepers, and rebuilding forces.
And getting refugees back home.

UN now gets 40% budget and peacekeeping from EU, USA pays not in full its 22%, China pays half of what Japans pays, Russia pays same as tiny Netherlands, rich (Arab) oilcountries pay a laughable 2% each.
Permanent members should be those who pays most, not the countries who have nukes, of which USA is only one sofar who ever used them in battle.

Solutions are simple, if politicians are not hypocrit and not busy with geopolitical games...
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